Thursday, April 1, 2010


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THANKS SERENiE for tagging me!! :) go check out her blog guys! shes also opened a Circle lens store called Hime Eyes! go check it out!!

  1. have bad vision, its not so bad that i need wear it all the time, but i do need to wear them whenever i need to look at something far away.
  2. Mango is my fav fruit!! :D yummyy especially mango shaved ice with lots of condensed milk!!! mmmmmm :)~
  3. i love to yelp! is a website that you can review and find reviews on anything! food, dentists, supermarkets, etc etc! yelping is one of my hobbies and if i dont like something, i will be sure to let the whole internet world know!! its also a great resource if youre looking for a good place to eat, or looking for something but you dont know what the address is! i enjoy taking pics of my food too (haha) and i post it on yelp for everyone to enjoy. because you not only eat with your mouth, but you eat with your eyes as well!! you wouldnt wanna eat something that looks disgusting right?? :)
  4. i prefer tea over coffee. i love tea! anything tea!!
  5. Dark Chocolate is my fav chocolate. i like the semi bitter taste! mmm
  6. ive picked up baking as a hobby!! i like decorating the baked goods even more though!! hehe
  7. im chinese, but actually also 1/6 spanish!! that explains why im so pale haha i actually prefer to be pale because i look really gross and dirty when im dark. =X