Friday, January 29, 2010


bought the Banc watch and pop eyeshadows from Serenie`s blogsale and i just opened today. omgosh serenie you freakn spoil me!!! she also gave me a cell charm, pair of earring and an adorable hello kitty keychain!! thanks soo much dear!!!! :P i love everythingg haha gahhh you`re so awesome!

i lovee my new watch. haha super cuteeeeee yeah i have hairy arms. dont laugh at me. its because my dad isnt full asian okay. -.- just focus your eyes on the cool watch.

painted my nails today, but im not very satisfied with it. oddly, my right hand looks better than my left. ill prob paint them again tomorrow or something because i dont like it very much. lol i hate my fingers they look like they belong to a boy. >__>

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

machhhh bettaaa

sick lisa

trash full of toilet paper snot tissues ewww

thanks for all the concern! i finally went to rite aid to buy some medicine today. i bought the Tylenol Cold Multi-symptoms SEVERE hahaha i always heard from my guy friends. "just OD and down the whole bottle of nyquil and just knock out! you`ll be fine the next day" so i was like heck, the stronger the better. haha i also bought the Halls defense because it says it will help your immune system. and it was BOGO yay i do NOT want to get sick anymore. and i got the Maybellene eyeshadow quad because it was 40% off :)
NyQuil has 10% alcohol?? say wahhh??

Finally gonna do that tag from Serenie <3

The rules are to write 7 facts for each award and nominate 7 bloggers.

1. i hate cheese & milk. except on pizza. yumm pizza :D~
2. being lazy is my most favorite hobby and next is shopping :)
3. i am a person who will hold grudges against you if you back stab me
4. i originally wanted to be a photography major but my asian parents told me otherwise because no money will come of it :(
5. my new years resolution is no junk food
6. i dont like to do things if im forced to do it
7. pink is my favorite color :)

i tag


full entry on me complaining about me being sick. if you dont wanna read this, then just click the X on the top right corner. (left if you`re using an Apple). thank you. have a great day.

ugh~!! i hate waking up! because that means i will need to blow my nose every 10 seconds. and cough so much it feels like my heart is going to come outta my mouth. i wish i can sleep for a long long time. at least till im not sick anymore. i dont wanna be sick anymore!! my nose hurts from all the rubbing!!!!!

just let me get through today!! i especially hate tues and wends. it feels like the day never ends. especially tuesday because i have 3 hour labs for biology. hump day really is hump day..

edit: ugh nvm just let me get through tomorrow because i have a bio midterm to study for tonight. fuckkkkk

can anyone recommend some sort of cold medicine? cus i literally cannot take it anymore. 4 days is quite enough. i ran out of the asian cold medicine that i usually take and will have to wait till friday when i get home. blehh sorry for complaining. im just super emotional when im sick.

yesterday while i was taking my midterm for my American Lit class, i was that gross person who kept sniffing and coughing when it was silent. ughh and my nose wouldnt stop running. good thing i brought the whole roll of toilet paper in my backpack. anddd in the morning before that, i was sitting in my bio lecture and i fell asleep. while i was sleeping i made this noise. it was like a whimpering noise. and my friend who sat next to me as well as the person sitting on the other side of my looked. soo embarrassing!! -___-;;

i woke up early (5am) to do my 1 page summary for my political science class but gave up. and now im going back to bed for one more hour before i have to wake up again to go to class.

bought this for the boyfriend the other day on because they had a $10 off thing :)

subtotal $19.95
shipping $5.95
discount applied -$10.00
CONT2009: Get $10 Off your order on karmaloop items
Order Total $15.90

Monday, January 25, 2010


ive been sick since yesterday. how in the world did i get sick? i have no idea. it rained all week in California and when it became sunny on the weekends, i get sick. great! i wouldnt care if i was sick if i didnt have two midterms to study for this week. one of which is tomorrow! gahh my head feels loopy! i feel like i cant concentrate at all. :(

do you guys know anything that will cure a sore throat?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Coastal Scents HD foundation review and FOTD

Hello all! ever since i got the Coastal Scents liquid HD foundation, ive been meaning to do review on it, but ive been pretty lazy which explains why it took me so long hehe.

i bought this foundation on during black friday (the day after Thanksgiving). they were having a percentage off, so i bought it for $16.95 -$4.24 discounted + $4.95 shipping = $17.66 total! the package came through usps priority mail and it came really quick. i think it was within the week. the product came in perfect condition.

I chose the color ST-04. at first i was really scared that it would not match my skin tone, but after watching juicystar07's youtube video on this foundation, she had said her color was ST-04 and i figured i was the same skin tone as her so i took the risk and bought that color also.

this product itself is pretty watery. it has really good coverage and is long lasting. i never touch up my makeup so long lasting is great for me. after applying, it gives my face a healthier look and gives me an even skin tone.

first moisturize my face with Pond's Dry Skin Cream. i let it sit for a good 5 min then put on the HD foundation. after that, i set the foundation with Maybelline NY's Mineral Powder.

this is how i look when i wake up. after i showered. you can see redness, and pimples due to stress >__<

moisturized, with HD foundation and powder.

finish look! with eye makeup and filled in my eyebrows. dramatic change huh lol >__<

all the products i used:
-Ponds cold cream lotion
-Maybelline NY Mineral Powder
-CoverGirl Eyeshadow
-ELF Blush in the color Shy
-CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara
-Anastasia's Brow Ex-press
-Sephora eyeshadow brush
-Sephora blending brush
-Elf complexion brush
-Elf powder brush
-Coastal Scents Undercover HD foundation in ST-04
-Loreal Lineur Intense Felt Top Liquid Eyeline
-Chapstick & Eyelash Curler

Monday, January 18, 2010

i tag you!!

Got tagged by the lovely Serenie <3
i think this is the first i`ve ever been tagged haha but it should be fun, and will keep me occupied for a little while.

1. Gossip Girl
2. The Hills
3. The City
4. Vampire Diaries
5. Wizards of Waverly Place
6. SpongeBob
7. Rachel Ray 30 Min Meal
8. do asian dramas count? hehe

1. Olive Garden
2. Elephant Bar
3. Souplantation
4. In-n-out
5. Lollicup
6. Ten Ren`s
7. Asahi Sushi
8. Nel Bom Korean Restaurant

1. Shopping
2. Holidays
3. dinner dates
4. hanging out with the best friends
5. trying new restaurants with my yelp buddy :)
6. sleep
7. getting my nails done
8. vacations

1. ate breakfast with lucy at Colonial Kitchen
2. mom made her bomb noodles for lunch
3. went to the library with lucy to study
4. went to walmart
5. talked to the boyfriend
6. read
7. watched The Book of Eli with paul, daniel and daniel`s friend
8. sleep

1. scarfs
2. snowboarding
3. cuddle weather
4. christmas
5. cute jackets
6. my birthdayyy
7. shabu shabu weather <3

1. Money.
2. samsung mini netbook
3. Nissan 350z
4. makeup
5. a puppy
6. a bunny
7. jewlery :)
8. Reebok Easy Tone shoes!

1. cleaning (im a neat freak)
2. being a good friend
3. makeup
4. finding a job
5. finishing school
6. shopping
7. becoming a kindergarten teacher
8. music

1. mmkay
2. stupid
3. fuck
4. shiet
5. ughhhhh!!
6. thank you
7. cool
8. wtf

1. dont trust too easily
2. dont expect too much
2. always buy school books online
3. stop eating when you're full
4. managing money
5. stop being too nice
6. always study
7. most girls are bitches
8. always bring a pad with you in your purse / backpack

1. china
2. england
3. korea
4. new york
5. japan
6. paris, france
7. hawaii
8. toronto

1. money
2. new car (i dont need one, but i want one)
3. samsung netbook
4. spa day
5. good grades
6. new clothes
7. a puppy
8. my bf :(


Thursday, January 14, 2010


sticker pictures are such a waste of money, but i loves it. haha

Monday, January 11, 2010

long time no blog

hello all! long time no blog. hope every had a good new year! i recently celebrated my birthday on the 7th of January. i turned 21! on the actual day of my birthday, i went to eat all-you-can-eat sushi with a couple of friends and the day after my bday i had dinner at Tokyo Table. my cake was super cute. my friends really do spoil me. ironically, i dont drink much alcohol. i didnt even get pissed drunk on my birthday haha

my winter break consisted of hanging out with friends and eating everyday. lol i did go to big bear to see the snow with my siblings and aunts though. it was a fun experience since LA doesnt snow at all. haha and i went to the museum :)

i started a Project 365 recently. Project 365 is made up by Flickr and it is where you take one photo a day for a whole year. check out mine if you guys are bored :)

so drunk i had to sit in the back and i Knocked out haha jk i was fake sleeping. but my friend really did drive me home because we didnt wanna take the risk since i did have 1 drink.