Monday, December 13, 2010


OMG IM BACK. so very sorry I left you, blogger. I've missed you oh so much!
I was so caught up on Tumblr, as well as cutting back on my makeup purchases that I didn't know what to blog about! I've just been writing short passages here and there on Tumblr, but I'm back!! and I'll try to update once in a while. :P because I'm still on a budget so no more splurging on make-up! :(

BUT I have a review for you guys!!!!
And it is for the

Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara!!!!
This mascara clams to "Dramatically lengthen, separate & condition" lashes.

It is described as Brush-On Fiber Extensions
-Dramatically long lashes: contains double the fiber for dramatic length.
-Conditioning oils for lashes: combining natural botanical and silk essences with panthenol to help nourishing lashes.
-Smudge-proof all day long: original film-coating formula repels oil and sweat; prevents smudging.
-Easy removal with warm water: slides off easily with warm water, prevents damage to your natural lashes.

Left: Japanese Fiberwig
Right: American Fiberwig from Sephora

Directions say to:
-Add the fiber-rich formula to tops of lashes repeatedly until lashes reach the desired length.
-Lashes will look long, natural and luxuriant.
-If you dab some on your eyelid by mistake, let it dry and you can easily wipe it off with a cotton swab.

My take on the mascara:

I had first purchased this mascara from Sephora for $24. Tried it out, and really liked it. Then, I found the japanese version of this mascara for half the price on ebay! I purchased it for $12 on ebay, and it was shipped to me from China. So, I have decided to return the Sephora one. :) I've tried both the Sephora one and the Japanese one, and they both work the same way.

I really like this mascara! It does everything it says it would. It has a curved full sized wand which makes it easy to grab onto your lashes. It lengthens your lashes after a few coats to make it look longer, washes off with warm water, mistakes can be easily removed. Very happy with my purchase. However, compared to my CoverGirl Lash Blast, it doesn't volumize as great. But that's the only flaw that I've seen with it so far.

Top: Dejavu Fiberwig
Bottom: CG Lashblash

there is an obvious difference!!
Right: CG Lashblast
Left: Dejavu Fiberwig

I would definitely repurchase this mascara again!

okay one more camwhore pic :X
ugh i hate how blogger kills the quality of my pictures!