Sunday, February 28, 2010

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MizzDestinee tagged me!! whoo hoo!
1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 years old).
2. Write about the picture.
3. Tag your friends and readers.

Though i dont remember taking this photo lol i still remember the surroundings. this was taken when we still lived in Lincoln Heights (kinda ghetto part of Los Angeles, not too far away from Chinatown). We still lived with my grandparents at the time and around the block, was this library, which is where this was taken. my dad loved photography and theres a lot of other picture with me wearing the same dress and photographed with those flowers there. all the pictures my dad took of me were candid but it looked like i was posing.. haha the baby that looks utterly scared is my younger sister. (lol check out her fro-hawk!) she`s 1 year younger than me. i think i was 2 or 3 in this picture. this photo is taken before my other sister and brother were born. after my other sister was born, we moved to Alhambra. my mom is so fashionable! lol and she loved to make me dress up. i always had those gigantic flowers/bows in my hair. we are a pale family.. haha

I want to tag: Serenie, Erynn, Denysia, Peter, Anna, Duyen, Christine,

and anyone who wants to do it! :) have fun guys! and happy March!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

shoes shoes shoes

i wanna buy some heels but idono where i would wear them to :( im looking at f21 and they have some of these cute ones. ~$30 idono if they`re worth that much. but then again, i doubt i will find cheaper ones at other places. i guess i will buy the first two and return them if i dont like it. i hate buying shoes online.. it makes me feel uneasy. especially not knowing if they will fit properly.

cute bunny ring!! :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


long time no blogging! my school quarter is almost done, only 2 more weeks till finals so its been crazy! i feel like these past two weeks, ive been coming home exhausted. and even if ive had sleep, i wake up feeling tired. i find myself falling asleep in class a lot now.. i never did that in the past.. -.-

once again, im cross eyed.. *sigh* i swear its only when i take pics of my eyes!

anyways, recently, i started not to give a crap about how i look when i go to school. because like my friend said to me, i go to school to learn, not to impress people. so my face routine has been Foundation, Eyeliner, and Mascara. sometimes i dont even wear mascara.

what do you guys do with your faces when you`re either in a hurry to go to school/work/whatever? i know some may say "no makeup" but i just cant do that LOL i NEED makeup.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

lets throw rocks at boys

Why do boys lie? even if its about something so minor!!
the bf lied to me just now. i asked him,

"what are you listening to?"
"no youre not, liar, what are you doing?"
"im watching a movie on my computer."

wth? why did he feel like he needed to lie? this is the second time he lied about something so dumb. its so small, i dont understand why he did it. and it doesnt help that i, myself, already have trust issues.. its just so disappointing!! i dont know how i will recover from it. he keeps saying sorry, but he really doesnt know how i feel. a relationship is built on trust, yet he breaks it down so easily with 1 stupid lie. and he had the nerve to yell at me telling me "its a small lie! why do you gotta get so mad about it?"


tell me, am i being unreasonable???

Saturday, February 20, 2010


did major damage at the mall on wends! hehe mostly at Forever 21. its been like 2 months since ive gone to the mall.. i feel like i wear the same stuff every week.. so i decided to go to the mall! the blue collar shirt, i bought for only $0.01 cent!! because wet seal was having this one sale where it was buy 1 get second for 1 cent! :) and i FINALLY invested in the Too Face Shadow Insurance. i never really needed a primer because i didnt think my lids were all that oily, but i notice more and more now, that if i wear my makeup ALL DAY towards the end of the night, my makeup will look kinda gross. i was debating on if i should get the TooFace or the Urban Decay, but the Sephora sales associate said that TooFace gives you more product and its a little cheaper so i took the TooFace. :)

rite aid was having a crazy sale on makeup! most of the things were buy 1 get 1 50% off! yay! haha i decided i`ll take the chance and buy the Revlon Photoready in 003 Shell. i swatched it on my hand and yes, i can see many sparkles.. im not sure i can pull it off haha i shall use it on monday. i loveee CoverGirl eyeshadows :) so i got more. hehe OOH and the GreatLash in Royal Blue! i cant wait to try this out!!!!

im going to eat AYCE sushi tonight for my friends` bday! ahh i love sushi, too bad i cant eat much.. :( my friend says i eat like a frog..

have a great weekend guys!

Friday, February 12, 2010

the lovely Erynn awarded me with the Sweet Friends award! thanks so much!!
im very lucky to have met so many sweet girls on blogger!! :)

Post 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, link back to the person who awarded you and pass along for up to ten people.

1. New clothes
2. puppies
3. kisses
4. food
5. music
6. good grades
7. best friends
8. cute boys :)
9. makeup
10. manicures

and i want to award: i know i dont have 10 people.. idono who to award.. :(

Chinese New Year and Valentine`s day is this weekend! decided to bake cupcakes for my friends. it was fun! hehe i think im picking up the hobby of baking! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

nail polish haul

did some nail polish hauling this weekend. theres a nail salon supply store in my city and they carry a lot of different nail stuff. people mainly go there to buy stuff for their nail salon businesses hehe but i go there just to buy nail polish. its really cheap too!!
oh hey! my hands dont look boyish for once hahaha :P

3 for $5!! these are the skinny brushed nail polishes you can use to make designs on your nails.

China Glaze nail polishh!!!! :D i was in heaven haha all of these were $2 each!!
from left to right: Lavendar Lingo, 100 proof pink, white-kwik-silvr, moody blue, purple rain
the camera makes the color look a little weird. lemme describe them to you.
Lavendar lingo: its like a baby pink color soo cute, makes me feel like barbie when i wear it
100 proof pink: hot pink with tiny shimmery glitter veryy pretty
white-kwik-silvr: whiteish shimmery color with tiny shimmery glitter in it
moody blue: its like a very soft baby blue
purple rain: shiney baby purple color

Saturday, February 6, 2010

blackberry turned pinkberry

i turned my blackberry to a pinkberry! since my fav color is pink haha with the help of this website. shipped all the way from Hong Kong, but its worth it, to me i guess cus i figured ill be stuck with this phone for a while. i placed my order on Jan 28, and it arrived today Feb 06. pretty good i guess. a little more than a week. and it came all the way from Hong Kong. so i say this site is very reliable. it also comes with the tools to help you take your bb apart.

naked bb curve :( haha

flirty date makeup

1st pic, overall lid color
2nd pic left eyeshadow crease color, right eyeshadow outter corner

boys do not like shimmer. (thats what i was told) so i used all matte, brownish colored eyeshadows for this look. very neutral look :) and paired it with some false lashes for that flirty look. i know my eyeliner doesnt match because my right eye has a thicker line than the left eye, but its because my eyes are retarded like that and one of my eye folds are ticker than the other. haha as long as i look normal when my eyes are open thats all that matters right?? :D


these Darkness brand lashes are my current favorite lashes. theyre pretty, and last long. you can use them up to a week! these are in #2.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

FOTD valentines day look

i have ugly eyebrows lol ignore them.

for this look i used the L'oreal Hip Duo in Cheeky. pink for the whole lid and then used a dark brown for the outter corners from my Coastal Scents 88 Palatte.

for some reason it looks a little more red than i would like it to, but whatevers.

put on some cute earrings. mine are hearts with a bow in the middle.

finished look. i hate my bangs right now. im going to get my hair trimmed this weekend.

Lipstick: Maybelline in Born With It

the dark brown above the black is the color i used for the outer corner

and the pink on the left is the color i used for my overall lid.