Thursday, March 18, 2010

packages + threading

i had my first ever threading experience today! i threaded my upper and lower lips. oh my, its so painful!! but i think its sooo worth it! my friend`s younger sister did it for me and i had no idea it was so easy! she taught me how to do it so i can try it on myself from now on :) top picture is before, i think you can kinda see the fuzzy stash that i have and the bottom pic is the after! still kinda red but so much better! ive always been so self cautious about my upperlip hair. but when i tell my friends, they tell me that if i hadnt told them, they wouldnt have noticed.. haha

since i havent been home for 2 weeks, i had fun opening all my packages today! whoo hoo!! i love packages! bought mix style headphones, those japanese bang sticky things, key covers from f21 and a necklace. i also got some konad stuff for a friend since its her bday tomorrow. but i didnt take pics of that.

mix styled headphones. very cute and stylish, but not very good... why? because the plug doesnt go into my ipod all the way and im scared to shove it in and breaking my ipod. so when you twist the bottom plug a little bit, the sound is muted or moves to only one ear.. ugh. the reason? because the plug is a little longer than the earphones that the ipod comes with! -____-;; im very disappointed! although, they are okay when i plug it in my laptop.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


so, my skin has not been very good lately due to finals. this happens to me everytime finals/midterms come around. i start breaking out and nasty blemishes everywhere. i think its also due to the foundations i put on my face, it doesnt allow my skin to breathe, especially when yesterday was so hot.. my skin became oily by the end of the day.

i would like to introduce, the Fusain Facial Wash. Ive seen this at Japanese markets, and Korean markets. i think its around $3. i use this whenever i feel like i need to ex foliate my skin. as you can see, there are little white dots that help clear out the dead skin and oil. when you first squeese it out, its black. yeah weird haha but it turns white after you lather it all over your face.
the feeling when you start lathering it on your face is a little rough because of the tiny scrubs clearing all your dead skin and oil away. after you wash all the product off, it leaves this really fresh and minty feeling on your face. my face feels sooooo soft after i use this! its so nice and smooth that i cant stop touching it! haha i love that clean, dirt free feeling after i use it!

overall, i love this product! im almost done with my tube and i will definitely purchase it again!

i trimmed my bangs today because they were starting to get annoying and covering my eyes. i rarely do this because everytime ive ever tried to trim my bangs, i always mess them up and i always have to cut them fringed style cus i mess up and i look like a little chinese girl for a few weeks. but! yay this time i didnt mess up! i think i did a good job, if i do say so myself! haha

because i feel like my skin has gotten so bad, i want to start letting it breath more by not wearing foundation as much. i purchased Egyptian Magic yesterday on ebay for $29.99 which is cheaper compared to the official website! because the website sells it for $36!! yay im excited to use it! i hear so many good things about it! mainly from Bubby on Youtube hehe i will be writing a review for it! so keep an eye out! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tagged by Serenie!

thanks Serenie for the tag!! everyone check out her blog because her blog is really fun and interesting to read! :)
1. Post the logo on your blog
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!
3. Link the bloggers and let them know.

1. Kym
3. Anna
10. Diana
11. Erica
12. Cyd

on another note..

ive been noticing that my Too Face Shadow Insurance has some clear liquid coming out of it lately. has it happened to anyone of you girls?? what is it and how can i prevent it? :(

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sorry blogger, ive been neglecting you :(

I leave my blogger for make-up / fashion related stuff.

for more personal/random stuff i have my tumblr and you guys are welcome to start following me or just check it out if you`re ever bored :) to me, its just easier to rant/say random stuff on my tumblr where as makeup related stuff i would actually have to think/ do reviews and stuff like that.

what have i been up to lately?

-finals are coming up!! gotta start cramming!
-went shopping to relieve stress
-cooking is one of my new hobbies!
-im single :) single boys hollah! JK HAHAHA
-thinking about spring break!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

urban decay

urban decay is having a sale! they have this gift set for only $20! (org $30) and the baked eyeshadow palette is only $18! (org $20). i dont need a new eyeshadow primer nor do i use their eyeliners anymore so im not gonna buy it cus i dont need them. and ive been purchasing a lot of drugstore makeup lately so i think i should stop with the makeup hauls for now. haha but i`d just like to share with everyone who might be interested! :)