Wednesday, March 3, 2010

urban decay

urban decay is having a sale! they have this gift set for only $20! (org $30) and the baked eyeshadow palette is only $18! (org $20). i dont need a new eyeshadow primer nor do i use their eyeliners anymore so im not gonna buy it cus i dont need them. and ive been purchasing a lot of drugstore makeup lately so i think i should stop with the makeup hauls for now. haha but i`d just like to share with everyone who might be interested! :)


Serenie S. said...

Yay! I love sales! I hope they're nice to you and you get all your stuff without any hassle. LOL.
I know what you mean. Lately all I've been doing is buying drugstore. I guess it's cool that a lot of the lines seem to be keeping up with higher end brands and stuff.

Bunnie said...

I like urban decay! I got a shimmery set on my birthday and I use it all the time! I heard the primer was good too. Have you tried? Sucks that non drugstore make up costs so much more... I usually end up stocking up on drug store brands! Makes grocery shopping so much more appealing! :)


DiWiMakeup said...

Great deals! Too bad I have to cut back on the makeup binges as well. But we can always admire from afar ;p