Thursday, April 1, 2010


Link the person who tagged you.
List 7 interesting facts about you.
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THANKS SERENiE for tagging me!! :) go check out her blog guys! shes also opened a Circle lens store called Hime Eyes! go check it out!!

  1. have bad vision, its not so bad that i need wear it all the time, but i do need to wear them whenever i need to look at something far away.
  2. Mango is my fav fruit!! :D yummyy especially mango shaved ice with lots of condensed milk!!! mmmmmm :)~
  3. i love to yelp! is a website that you can review and find reviews on anything! food, dentists, supermarkets, etc etc! yelping is one of my hobbies and if i dont like something, i will be sure to let the whole internet world know!! its also a great resource if youre looking for a good place to eat, or looking for something but you dont know what the address is! i enjoy taking pics of my food too (haha) and i post it on yelp for everyone to enjoy. because you not only eat with your mouth, but you eat with your eyes as well!! you wouldnt wanna eat something that looks disgusting right?? :)
  4. i prefer tea over coffee. i love tea! anything tea!!
  5. Dark Chocolate is my fav chocolate. i like the semi bitter taste! mmm
  6. ive picked up baking as a hobby!! i like decorating the baked goods even more though!! hehe
  7. im chinese, but actually also 1/6 spanish!! that explains why im so pale haha i actually prefer to be pale because i look really gross and dirty when im dark. =X



Serenie S. said...

I LOVE YELP!!! I'm so mad though, I get invited to be a Yelp Elite all the time but I'm not 21 yet! DOODOOS!
I remember once I was 2nd top yelper of the month for Hawaii! WOOOH!
You ever had Li Hing Mui Mango?! Yumm!
I like tea a lot more than coffee! Every time I have real coffee I feel like I'm drinking cigarette water and it leaves a weird aftertaste in my mouth. Tea is just yummies!
Everyone tells me to get tan. I hate it, I look gross and dirty too. I LIKE BEING PALE!! But I guess because we're on an island it's standard you put yourself at risk of skin cancer and look deep fried.

ochikeron said...

Hi Lisa,

I didn't know yelp! Interesting!!!

You love tea! I once loved tea but now coffee. Ha-ha :D

Nice to know about you and yelp ;)

Mily Sin said...

Yay for tea <3

I want to start baking too - but I don't like cleaning up the mess i make :(

DiWiMakeup said...

I have bad vision too! I love dark chocolate and mango is also my favorite fruit! Haha, we find out so much through these tags. I'm looking forward to more!

xo, Diana

DiWiMakeup said...

I usually just use korres lip butter or lypsl before bed every other day lol. I try not to over do it since it's supposed to be bad for you in the sense that your body is used to the artificial moisture so it stops producing natural moisture. >_< Oh and I really like lypsyl. I feel like it's a combo of soft lips and burts bees wax. =D

xo, Diana

MizzDestinee said...

coastal scents palettes are fantastic!
Dark chocolate cover almonds is yum! I enjoy that semi bitter taste too! <3

Kym said...

lisasauurus!!! i got your order last night and emailed you about the size thing. did you get the email? i just wanna make sure you picked the right size cus AA shirts tend to fit tighter :) lemme know and i'll go ahead and pkg your order!

LilliChantilly said...

Hey doll, thank you so much for the award! <333

Anonymous said...

Awww thanks for this sweetness :)