Saturday, May 1, 2010


Last week, i recieved a package in the mail! from Kym B!! i ordered a "i'll shoot you" tshirt from her! the shirt is super duper cute! and totally whitty hehe i couldnt resist!! i HAD to get it!

Cute packaging!!! :D she took a lot of time and care to make the package more personal!

i was so excited to open and see my shirt, that i accidentally snipped a hole in my shirt.. :( i was soo sad.

she also included cute earrings from maitai! it matched the shirt perfectly!!
as well as a Herro? pin!! i didnt take a picture of it. but its super cute and i put it on my backpack and some people noticed the pin because i heard them say herro!!! as they were walking in back of me. hehehe

because i was so sad about the holes in the shirt, i decided to make it more "mine" and designed it by cutting the back and some more holes in the front so it wont look so obvious hehe
yay! go buy from Kym B.
shes a super sweet, pretty, creative, funny, awesome girl!!

Please Visit her Etsy store


Gaby said...

Super cute shirt! You had a great idea for the little hole! The bigger holes in the back make your shirt looks even more fierce =D

DiWiMakeup said...

Cute shirt! Now I want one!!! Thanks so much for suggesting low lights. I didn't even think about that. I've never done those before. Should I just go and ask for low lights?

xo, Diana

ochikeron said...

Hi Lisa!

Your idea is great!!! Holes, I would never come up with this idea :D

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

I love the shirt! It looks sooo cute ne! I'll shoot you. Lol XDXD

I'm following your blog, do you mind to visit me? o(^O^)o Hope you can stop by and follow if you like it o(^-^)v

From Rabbito ♥ ☆ラビトのブログ☆

edk.dolce said...

So I saw you on Dulce Candy's Blog. I wanted to invite you to follow my blog. I developed the idea for "Featured Followers©" where I promote my followers. You can follow me @ Leave me a comment if you want me to follow you!


Kym said...

omg!!!! a hole!!!!! when i saw the pic i was actually like "oh shoot! did i send her a shirt with a hole in it?" haha! BUT you are one CLEVER lady for designing it the way you did.. it looks great!!!

LilliChantilly said...

That shirt is super cute!
I do have a tumblr (, but haven't updated it yet. Maybe I will soon :) xx