Thursday, March 18, 2010

packages + threading

i had my first ever threading experience today! i threaded my upper and lower lips. oh my, its so painful!! but i think its sooo worth it! my friend`s younger sister did it for me and i had no idea it was so easy! she taught me how to do it so i can try it on myself from now on :) top picture is before, i think you can kinda see the fuzzy stash that i have and the bottom pic is the after! still kinda red but so much better! ive always been so self cautious about my upperlip hair. but when i tell my friends, they tell me that if i hadnt told them, they wouldnt have noticed.. haha

since i havent been home for 2 weeks, i had fun opening all my packages today! whoo hoo!! i love packages! bought mix style headphones, those japanese bang sticky things, key covers from f21 and a necklace. i also got some konad stuff for a friend since its her bday tomorrow. but i didnt take pics of that.

mix styled headphones. very cute and stylish, but not very good... why? because the plug doesnt go into my ipod all the way and im scared to shove it in and breaking my ipod. so when you twist the bottom plug a little bit, the sound is muted or moves to only one ear.. ugh. the reason? because the plug is a little longer than the earphones that the ipod comes with! -____-;; im very disappointed! although, they are okay when i plug it in my laptop.


Serenie S. said...

I fucken love threading!! I'm way too lazy to pluck every little hair. So funny when I did my mom's stache she was like "OW!!! STOP IT!! I don't care about the hair already." Hahaha.
I have that spring it too but it's only good for your upper lip and above the eyebrows.

I love the velcro hair thingy too. I use mine everyday.

Those earphones are super cute. Too bad they don't fit. I want the fuzzy pink skullcandy ones but they're so expensive. =[

ochikeron said...

What did you use to do the threading? Ouch!!!

前髪とめ~るlooks interesting! I need to find one! Ha-ha!!!

e.motion in motion said...

Threading sounds scary! Lol! I had enough pain with the Epistick lol >_< Super cute headphones!! I want me some of those hehe. Aw but too bad they don't plug in good =[

emolychan said...

heyy! did we get the same necklace? lol
i always thought threading was fascinating and it seems easy once you get the hang of it but i haven't tried. i use my handy-dandy epistick!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I have never tried threading before but it looks interesting. People are pro @ doing it! :p I had no idea that it's painful. Is it like plucking your eyebrows really fast? :p

Anyway, you look so cute! :) Pretty pretty. I like how you did your eyes :)

Aralka said...

Wow, so many nice things. And you look very cute in these photos :3

lisaa__ said...

@Serenie: haha lots of people use the spring it! ill just stick with threads cus its cheaper :D skullcandies are so adorable!!

@ochikeron: i used thread for threading! just the same thread you use for sewing! haha it hurts at first but i think after i do it more, it wont hurt anymore :) you can go to ebay to look for the 前髪とめ~る! its very cheap!!

@erynn: threading isnt scary at all!! i think for first timers it is, but after i did it, im not scared anymore. but i do think its scarier when youre doing it yourself. the headphones are good when i plug it in my laptop, so i think imma use it for that when im in the library or something so i can still look cute while im at it :)

@emily: yes we did! i saw your picture on tumblr and i was thinking, hey! i just ordered that from f21 during their free shipping!! but the thing about tumblr though is that you cant comment only reblog, kinda not personal. :(

@rainy days: yes! its like plucking your hairs really fast! its great cus it gets all the little tiny hairs too!! :D ty ty!

@arlka: ty ty! :)

Anna said...

Ehh, we hardly ever get mufti days!
The headteacher thinks that, when we wear our own clothes we act more casual/rebellious. This is true p;

I reaaaally wish we had a Forever21 ):

LilliChantilly said...

Threading sounds like fun haha
As for the perfume, to me it smells like floral with vanilla :)

Charlene said...

I had the same problem with my headphones... I have one of the original iPhones that has the recessed plug. You should be able to pick up the adaptor for just a few bucks at Frye's or Best Buy. I hope that helps! :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

So many people love threading, but idk if I could handle the pain. >.< Yikes! I use an epilator but haven't touched my upper lip just because it seems so sensitive. Maybe I'll try waxing and then to clean up I'll do some threading.

&& omg opening packages are the best!! ^__^

Peter said...

you can take a pic of your keyboard incase you are scared not knowing where the keys go lol

you need alot of qtips and a wet cloth for the keys :)

DiWiMakeup said...

Yeahh threading is really painful but after a while you go numb lol. I need to calm down with my online shopping. >_<

The headphones are cuteee but I'm too lazy to carry such big ones in my purse so I just use the plain ones lol.

xo, Diana

Kym said...

i love getting my eyebrows threaded.. its almost like a pain thats addicting. haha! but someones sister did it for you? how did she learn? it looks so hard!!

Cyd said...

Lol........ive gotten my WHOLE face thread like 2 times in my life....i fuckin hate it hurts like a bitch haahahahahaha its a very brave of you hahahaah

&& thank you so much for your comment...i hope K likes me hahahaha im planning to see him this summer when I get back to Vancouver..but urgggggg i hate long distanceeeee

Bunnie said...

Awww! Cute post!

I have that necklace on my blog too! From XXI?

That's a lot of packages you have there. Must be fun to open them all at once.... kind of like xmas! :)