Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sorry blogger, ive been neglecting you :(

I leave my blogger for make-up / fashion related stuff.

for more personal/random stuff i have my tumblr and you guys are welcome to start following me or just check it out if you`re ever bored :) to me, its just easier to rant/say random stuff on my tumblr where as makeup related stuff i would actually have to think/ do reviews and stuff like that.

what have i been up to lately?

-finals are coming up!! gotta start cramming!
-went shopping to relieve stress
-cooking is one of my new hobbies!
-im single :) single boys hollah! JK HAHAHA
-thinking about spring break!!!


Denysia said...

Awwww... what happened to your boyfriend?

Peter said...

boo! fuck tumblr!! lol

Kym said...

hey lisasaurrr! i hope everything is okay with you... :) in regards to your comment - i did cardio kickboxing once and had a BLAST! i didn't go back though cus i was too lazy to drive 15 minutes to the place that held the lessons. haha! ;P

Serenie S. said...

I like how Tumblr can re-blog.
But I don't get it.
I tagged you!! You inspire me you cool girl! =]

Mily Sin said...

i hope all is well for you :)
good luck in your exams
and yay for retail therapy!

re- i got the circles from another picture i took. I used a lens with f/1.8 :)