Monday, January 11, 2010

long time no blog

hello all! long time no blog. hope every had a good new year! i recently celebrated my birthday on the 7th of January. i turned 21! on the actual day of my birthday, i went to eat all-you-can-eat sushi with a couple of friends and the day after my bday i had dinner at Tokyo Table. my cake was super cute. my friends really do spoil me. ironically, i dont drink much alcohol. i didnt even get pissed drunk on my birthday haha

my winter break consisted of hanging out with friends and eating everyday. lol i did go to big bear to see the snow with my siblings and aunts though. it was a fun experience since LA doesnt snow at all. haha and i went to the museum :)

i started a Project 365 recently. Project 365 is made up by Flickr and it is where you take one photo a day for a whole year. check out mine if you guys are bored :)

so drunk i had to sit in the back and i Knocked out haha jk i was fake sleeping. but my friend really did drive me home because we didnt wanna take the risk since i did have 1 drink.


Peter said...

that first pic is so nice, perfect shot

e.motion in motion said...

Happy belated bday Lisaaaa! ♥ (:

Kym said...

you're backkkkk! :) luckily, i have you on fb to keep in touch with anyway! hehe!

nothing like AYCE on your bday! :) cute cake too btw!

MizzDestinee said...

happy belated bday! love the hello kitty cake!