Wednesday, January 27, 2010

machhhh bettaaa

sick lisa

trash full of toilet paper snot tissues ewww

thanks for all the concern! i finally went to rite aid to buy some medicine today. i bought the Tylenol Cold Multi-symptoms SEVERE hahaha i always heard from my guy friends. "just OD and down the whole bottle of nyquil and just knock out! you`ll be fine the next day" so i was like heck, the stronger the better. haha i also bought the Halls defense because it says it will help your immune system. and it was BOGO yay i do NOT want to get sick anymore. and i got the Maybellene eyeshadow quad because it was 40% off :)
NyQuil has 10% alcohol?? say wahhh??

Finally gonna do that tag from Serenie <3

The rules are to write 7 facts for each award and nominate 7 bloggers.

1. i hate cheese & milk. except on pizza. yumm pizza :D~
2. being lazy is my most favorite hobby and next is shopping :)
3. i am a person who will hold grudges against you if you back stab me
4. i originally wanted to be a photography major but my asian parents told me otherwise because no money will come of it :(
5. my new years resolution is no junk food
6. i dont like to do things if im forced to do it
7. pink is my favorite color :)

i tag


Denysia said...

Awww... I'm glad that your feeling better! I'm a little sick too! But I'm getting better! :)

And thank you for the tag!

Serenie S. said...

Aww photography is fun though!
My dad says that all the time about my major. He wants me to go into boring accounting and stuff. Tryna force me to take business classes... HE can pay. Haha!
I hate having to blow my nose that much. >__<
It hurts. Vicks helps a lot!!! I like vicks and advil.

MizzDestinee said...

my trash is full of tissue too! feel better hun!

MizzDestinee said...

awww and thanks for tagging me! <3