Monday, January 25, 2010


ive been sick since yesterday. how in the world did i get sick? i have no idea. it rained all week in California and when it became sunny on the weekends, i get sick. great! i wouldnt care if i was sick if i didnt have two midterms to study for this week. one of which is tomorrow! gahh my head feels loopy! i feel like i cant concentrate at all. :(

do you guys know anything that will cure a sore throat?


e.motion in motion said...

Ohh I hate sore throats and being sick :( I hope you feel better soon Lisa!!!

When I have a sore throat I usually eat super hot saimin with lots of pepper in it. But that's just me haha XD

lisaa__ said...

mm saimin sounds good right now :) thanks erynn!!! <3

Serenie S. said...

AGGHH! I seen the rain on the news!
Yucks. I hope you get better. <33