Wednesday, January 27, 2010


full entry on me complaining about me being sick. if you dont wanna read this, then just click the X on the top right corner. (left if you`re using an Apple). thank you. have a great day.

ugh~!! i hate waking up! because that means i will need to blow my nose every 10 seconds. and cough so much it feels like my heart is going to come outta my mouth. i wish i can sleep for a long long time. at least till im not sick anymore. i dont wanna be sick anymore!! my nose hurts from all the rubbing!!!!!

just let me get through today!! i especially hate tues and wends. it feels like the day never ends. especially tuesday because i have 3 hour labs for biology. hump day really is hump day..

edit: ugh nvm just let me get through tomorrow because i have a bio midterm to study for tonight. fuckkkkk

can anyone recommend some sort of cold medicine? cus i literally cannot take it anymore. 4 days is quite enough. i ran out of the asian cold medicine that i usually take and will have to wait till friday when i get home. blehh sorry for complaining. im just super emotional when im sick.

yesterday while i was taking my midterm for my American Lit class, i was that gross person who kept sniffing and coughing when it was silent. ughh and my nose wouldnt stop running. good thing i brought the whole roll of toilet paper in my backpack. anddd in the morning before that, i was sitting in my bio lecture and i fell asleep. while i was sleeping i made this noise. it was like a whimpering noise. and my friend who sat next to me as well as the person sitting on the other side of my looked. soo embarrassing!! -___-;;

i woke up early (5am) to do my 1 page summary for my political science class but gave up. and now im going back to bed for one more hour before i have to wake up again to go to class.

bought this for the boyfriend the other day on because they had a $10 off thing :)

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LilliChantilly said...

Aww girl, I hope you get well soon!! I'm not sure if we have the same medicine, but "Buckleys" works well for me. I think you should pick something up that suits your kind of cold, hopefully it'll work. Feel better! <3

Denysia said...

That sucks that your sick. :(

You should take some Municex or Theraflu. Those two are the best for coughs. You can take Robitussin, but I'm not a fan of that, because it doesn't really work for me.

e.motion in motion said...

Awww hope you feel better sooneer! :( I know how killer it is to be sick in school ~_~ I'm not a big fan on cold medicine, nothing ever really worked for me. So I just drink a lot of water and sleep. And take Advil, which for some reason, fixes EVERYTHING for me LOL XD

I love Karmaloop! Thanks for the promo!

Serenie S. said...

When I get sick I drive loads of Emergen-C and Airborne. I take Advil. (Advil fixes EVERYTHING!!)
Mucinex does wonders if you're congested.
Sudafed and DayQuil are good but I get drowsy fast.

LMAO. I just read everyone else's comments. >___<
I said basically the same thing!

Serenie S. said...

Sorry. I was listening to music that told me DRIVE instead of drink.