Tuesday, December 15, 2009

christmas shopping FINISHED

my christmas shopping is officially done. i spent a little over $200 in total for christmas presents... now im officially broke. its only the first week of winter break too!! i seriously didnt plan on spending that much.. but i guess 200 for 9 people isnt too bad... i wish it was chinese new year already.. haha. after i wrap all the gifts and clean my room, my mind will be less cluttered. yeah, thats all ive been thinking about. money, gifts, and re-arranging my room. honestly. why do people give gifts? why not save that money and just buy stuff for yourself. i dont get it haha i guess i never will.

today, i went to Fashion District to get stuff to make presents for my best friends. we decided to make presents this year to save money. i did save a little money. haha i originally thought that the stuff in the Fashion District was dirt cheap, but i was so so wrong. there is tax and you needa go store to store to compare prices. in the end, i was holding three large bags of stuff. i would tell you guys what im gonna make, but i think my friends might read this. so shh haha

im so mad at myself because i just saw the grade for one of my classes. i seriously need to step up my game next quarter.

on saturday, i went to f21 and bought a plain long sleeve shirt. i was planning on paying with the store credit that i had and when it was time for me to pay, i was looking all over my wallet and purse for that stupid card. but i couldnt find it and felt bad about having the cashier wait for me, so i just payed with my own money. i looked in my wallet a second time when joan and i were eating dinner. and still i couldnt find it. i was so sad for a couple of days cus i thought i lost it. cus its real money!! ya-know? i even tried to see if i could buy anything with just the card number, which, i found on the receipt, and it didnt work cus you need a pin for online order. arg but when i was cleaning out my wallet yesterday, i found it stuck in between two receipts.. -____-;; haha im so dumb.


Peter said...

well atleast you found the store credit lol

i don't think im buying any presents this year..everyone has their bfs and etc :x

Serenie said...

^__^ I turned 19. Sucks being late born.
I got my bunny without my mom knowing. She was soooo mad but my bunny was too cute to say no!
I'll put some picture of her later!

I think people at stores look at me SO weird when I compare prices. Cause I'll walk back into the store and the people there probably think "WTH? I swear I just saw her leave?" But I think it's worth it. We're in bad economic times! LOL.