Saturday, December 12, 2009

these people need to go to hell!!

the pictures totally disgust me!

anyways. i just dropped off lucy at LAX. shes going to phoenix, AZ to visit her sister. my friend peter went to NY yesterday and my boyfriend went to London on a business trip.. why is everyone going on vacation and leaving me?!?! :(

some goals for this winter break:
-trim my bangs
-clean my room / reorganize
  • donate unused clothes
  • throw away useless things
winter break is 3 weeks. but i think for the first week, imma be pretty bored.. im looking forward to going to the Fashion District with Joan and Lucy because they have dirt cheap stuff there!! but i would have to wait till lucy is back.. :( and lucy wants to go to NorCal for a few days. yay. we`re staying at her friend's place. so basically, we`re gonna be living cheap because all we will need to do is pay for gas and eat junk food YAY hahahaha

lucy cassandra regina and i all decided that we will make presents for each other this year to save money :) but i really dont know what to make.. i shall hit up the arts and crafts store soon.

its raining again today.. my house is soo cold because we have hardwood floors.. my room especially, is really cold. im using the computer in my parent's restroom because its the only room in the house that has a heating fan in the ceiling.

some things i bought from morning glory :)


Peter said...

those dolphins..

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love your blog, i need to join!

Serenie said...

Ewww! It makes me sad seeing that stuff. Like those cute Arctic seals. Then I get angry and hope a killer whale jumps out and rips the ligaments off their body so they have to live a life not being able to do anything.