Thursday, December 17, 2009


<-- good hair + face day :)

last night i had two really weird and funny dreams.

1. my friend phieu and i were on our way to some random boba shop, in which i have never been before nor have i seen before so i basically made it up. as we were walking to the boba shop, i saw a REALLY REALLY cute Pikachu beetle. it was sooo cute. i was like "PHIEU!! take a picture of me and the Pikachu car!!" and shes like ok. so i take my DSLR out and gave it to her. she takes it, and i start posing for the picture. then shes goes "idono how to work this thing!!" and at that moment, a few of the guys that we were suppose to meet up with came and saw that she was struggling with the camera. one of the guys owns a DSLR so i was like hey! go help her!! and hes like, just press that button. and im like ARGGG JUST TAKE THE PICTURE! and i screamed so loud that apparently the police heard and the police car came. they were like "HEY what are you guys doing? put your hands on your heads and walk over here to this wall and take the camera with you." so we walked over to the wall and they made us sit on the ground like Kindergarten style. he was lecturing us that it`s illegal to take pictures with other people's cars... (lol i know weird) then the owner of the car comes out and she was like. "its ok, just let them go, i didnt even see them do anything." so the police let us go. lol so random.

2. i use to like this guy and i thought i had got over him, but last night, i had a dream that we were holding hands and i was hugging him.. then he was doing this really hilariously funny dance. hahaha like seriously the dance moves were ridiculous! haha but yeah that was my dream. apparently, i still kinda like him?? oie..


e.motion in motion said...

Hey girl! THat's some funny dreams hehe. I usually don't remember much of mine, but it's so interesting when you have those "so real" dreams that you remember everything :P

Wow that's a super awesome ethnicity mix, created a gorgeous girl (; Lovely pix! Btw, when do you get your braces off?! I effing HATED having braces and I had mine for several years ><

emolychan said...

i didn't know that was illegal.. hellzaaaaaa random lol

lisaa__ said...

lol emily, its not illegal, i just made it up in my dream. BTW!! i cant enter your blog :( if its cus you just wanna keep a blog for yourself, thats okay with me. :)

Serenie said...

Ohh! I get dreams like that about guys from A LOOOONG time ago.
It's weird cause I'm pretty sure I don't like them but the dreams really make me wonder. Hahaha!

Love the pictures! I had braces for 2 whole years! I was way too lazy to wear my rubber bands. >__<

Kym said...

hahaha gotta love random dreams, its awesome when you can recall a lot of details the next morning! pikachu car... maybe its cus many months ago you saw a pikachu beetle on my blog? hahaha! jk jk

i sometimes dream about other guys too and its not really that i like them cus obvs i'm with someone i love right now... maybe there was jsut something that happened that day that reminded you of him subconciously?!? ;P

Aralka said...

Yeah, I think you still like him. xD

You look very nice ^_^