Thursday, December 3, 2009

le sigh,,,

baked a cake for vicky yesterday because her birthday is this coming saturday. ill be busy so i wont have time to do anything special for her. so i just decided to bake yesterday. i must admit, its quite tasty :) chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and strawberries! i suck at writing with frosting... i swear, that is not my normal hand writing. haha

strawberry hearts :)

i was trying to avoid the paper that i had to write yesterday. which was due today. i cleaned my room and rearanged my desk. the books use to be on the right side and my laptop use to stay on the left, but i just feel like this way is more comfortable for me as i write my essay... i spet at 6am and woke up at 8am because of my procrastination... arg one day, it will bite me in the ass.. (knock on wood)

Stephanie made dinner for me at her place today! fillet mignon, tomato basil soup, chicken breast, and baked potato :) yummy after dinner, we baked a brownie together hehehe then we surfed the web and played with nail polish hehe.

finals week is next week... wish me luck guys. one more week till winter break! whoo hoo!!


emolychan said...

cute strawberry hearts! are they hard to cut?
:] and cute nails. i don't have the patience or steady hands to do that :(

e.motion in motion said...

Aww so kawaii & yummy looking cake! Love the strawberries <3 cute nails too!

Peter said...

how crafty. now im hungry

ko0ty said...

I've never seen strawberry hearts before! Cute!!

Serenie said...

That cake is the cutest!!! So weird but just last night I saw a picture of strawberries that actually grow in heart shapes!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute strawveryys and nails" :)