Sunday, October 4, 2009



so i came home today at 5pm after helping my friend sell stuff at a fair. the fair was boring, but for some reason, i was still tired when i got home. when i got home, my mom asked me to read a letter for my aunt who recently signed up for unemployment. the letter says that she needs to write a resume or some shiet. my aunt doesnt know english, so guess who will be the one to write the resume for my aunt, yep ME. being already tired and worried that I wouldnt finish my homework in time, was very annoyed when i heard that on top of that, i had to write a resume for my aunt. after that, my dad comes in and starts yelling at me because he saw that the tube leading to my water tank has a hole in it. he starts saying "how do you drive?? how can you not know its broken? did you know your car can overheat? how can you not know? you cant smell it?" NO I DIDNT KNOW AND I DIDNT SMELL IT, THERE WAS NO SMOKE COMING OUT OF MY CAR how can i know?! so my dad told me that i wouldnt be able to take my car to school tomorrow until its fixed and stuff. my sister would need to drive me to school. but, i need to drive home on wends because i have an othro appointment in the afternoon. what do i do? i ask my sister if i can just use her car to drive home and she ask her friend to drive her to school. her, being so selfish, she was like '' idono, why cant you just change your appointment?" wtf i always helped her in the past and i never ask her for favors. she is so selfish! now, that she has her own car, she thinks shes all that. shiet man. im really really mad at her right now. i didnt even want to take her ride to school and asked my friend paul to come pick me up instead. Before thinking about paul, i was ready to skip class and wait at home till my car is fixed then go back to school. so i emailed my teacher and finished the hw and emailed it to him. now, my dad just told me that he fixed it and now i have my car back. but that doesnt change how frustrated i am. bad things always happen to my car and not my sisters car because i have a '99 accord and my YOUNGER sister has an '04 accord. ITS NOT MY FAULT i got an older car which equals MORE TROUBLE. i get blamed on for everything. am i suppose to look under my hood EVERY time i take it out for a drive??? i hate being the eldest child.

i vent a lot. sorry.

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Peter said...

augh it's okay..the eldest child always ends up with the responsibilities and favors. sorry to hear about the cooler thing breaking and how your sister is sucha selfish bitch. well if your here on weds and don't have much work, we can catch up with dinner or something LOL its the only time i have available. is your ortho on garvey and garfield (across from cocary?) i noticed a tiny ortho place there lol~

dang if you need to type a resume for your aunt, it'll be weird when you send it and it's not even by her LOL can't you call to verify something about it

well best wishes