Thursday, October 22, 2009

more purchases purchase came today. i bought two lipsticks from maybelline because all the gurus have been raving about the color "pink please" i bought "pink please" and "born with it" im quite disappointed about these two lipsticks. they look kinda the same color except "born with it" is a little darker and has some shimmer in it. i dont think these colors flatter me very much. :( -sigh- i must find a way to make it work or else i`ll be wasting my money. i shall continue my search for a flattering lipstick color...

i did buy two OPI nail polishes also because it was buy one get the other 50% off. im content with them. i realized that i buy a lot of pink nail polish for some reason. no one is gonna tell the difference between them.. lol

left to right: Born with it, Pink Please

closer look

Left to right: My Chihuahua Bites!, Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore
(i love OPI`s names for their nail polish lol)

One thing i hate about living by myself is that if i want to eat, ill have to cook shiet for myself. if i dont, ill either starve or have to go out to eat. cooking is kinda time consuming too.. like preparing the food, cooking it, eat it, then washing the dishes.. damn man i totally appreciate my mom for cooking for me now. ya know what`s weird though? is that on the weekdays (thats when im living by myself and weekend i go back home to my momma lol) i dont really eat meat. i think its cus i hate cooking meat. and since im trying to save money, i tend to cook everyday and cooking meat gets so messy. first off, you needa defrost the meat, if you forget to defrost it earlier in the day, then you`re screwed. lol jk not really, but its gonna take a while for it to defrost under the tap water. so i just find it easier to cook vegetables and tofu or other stuff. im so lazy lol

yesterday, while i was eating Frosted Flakes, i found this HUGE frosted flake lol heres how big it is compared to my hair clip. when i told my friend about it, he yelled at me and told me that i should`ve taken a ruler to take a picture of it because that could be the smallest clip in the world. but i couldnt take a picture of it anymore because i ate it. LOL and he yelled at me even more. telling me that i should save stuff like that.. :( lol


Peter said...

hahah that huge frosted flake
this girl at work had the biggest ruffle for snack like last month, it was the size of her hand

weird your song is namie amuro haha
i love her

saving money by cooking for yourself, but spending it on makeup instead. tsk

Aralka said...

Great lipsticks! I like natural colors. And these polishes are very nice too.

Wow! Really huge flake!