Thursday, October 8, 2009


yesterday after i finished class, i went home because i had an ortho appointment. after the appointment, i went to target to get some makeup remover because i ran out. i also bought two makeup brushes because idono, one was a target brand which was like 2 dollars and the other one is a Sonia Kashuk foundation brush. ive been wanting to try the Sonia Kashuk brushes from target after xteeenr raves about it. i have yet to use my new brushes because after waking up this morning, i found this red thing on my left eyelid so i couldnt wear makeup... im not sure if i want to call it a sty becuase its not really that big. -- okay i just came back from looking up what a sty is. so a sty is suppose to be inside your eyelid and its really painful because its filled with puss and its hard for your eye to see cus it cant open all the way. lol -phew- good thing i dont have that! haha so yeah yesterday i was suppose to go out to dinner with peter, but that didnt happen because i ended up having a fight with my bitch sister. like a real physical fight. for the same reason we always fight: her taking my stuff. this time, she took my ugg boots. by the end of the day, i went to Home Depot with my dad and i bought a new lock for my door. like serious. the lock on my door looks freakn scary. it has a Master lock that you needa open with a key and everything. but in im happy now because at least she cant go into my room anymore. went back to riverside the same night, and when i went into the parking structrure to park my car, i find a red car parked in my parking space. this is the second time that this has happened. i called the tow truck to tow away that car. gosh i was so mad because they were wasting my time because i have to now call the truck, wait, and wait for them to take that car away. at the same time, i kept thinking: Shiet, what if that person goes to his/her car and finds my car in its place. they will know that i towed their car away and they will do revenge on my car!! so i ended up parking in the highest level of the parking structure because new residents can park there with no parking tag, all they need is the aprartment's sticker on their window which i have. yeahh that was pretty much my day. pretty tiring after yesterday, i fell asleep while talking to the bf on the phone lol poor guy.


emolychan said...

oh dang, what a drama-ful day @_@ sighs
on a lighter note, let us know how those brushes are :)

Aralka said...

Oh, poor you.
I don't have a sister, but I think I know how do you feel. But don't worry. Now you have a scary locker and it won't happen again! haha

Peter said...

if you listen to her cantonese carefully, she said the black lady was hogging the seat and wouldn't let her sit down and yeah if you click the video theres like a script of ppl saying stuff

MizzDestinee said...

thanx for following! imma follow you too =)
loving the hello kitty!
is sonia kashuk (if i spelled it correctly) good ? I wanted to get some myself
aww it looks like a pimple maybe? i'm sure it'll go away :)