Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i hate being a girl >:[

yeah thats right. i hate it! pms sucks.

maybe its because i just started my period today, but it seems like everything is irritating me tonight.

- my roommate and her boyfriend is here, they hog the TV and they turn the volume up freakn high. its effing annoying
- the hubby isnt answering my texts
- i have homework coming out of my ass
- im cramping

im looking forward to having dinner with peter tomorrow night though, and the week ending...but then again, weekend means i need to catch up on reading.. :(


Peter said...

so did u choose somewhere? lol
i dont get how your bf is this but your hubby isn't answering your texts, unless they are 2 diff ppl

or we can go to mana or watever near walmart for korean, if that place is even open

emolychan said...

periods always suck. i always thought PMS was bs til i found that i was only getting mad at stupid shit ONLy when i was on my period.
but chyeah.. maybe drinking yakult will make you feel better? :) cheerup!