Wednesday, October 21, 2009

makeup and random things

ordered stuff from a few weeks ago and it FINALLY came. gosh it felt like forever! hahah yay for make up!! ^^ here stuff that i got.

i got 6 brushes. for some reason, i got 2 complexion brushes... i prob wasnt paying attention when i was adding the stuff to my cart and added two of them. oh well ill prob give it to someone. all the brushes here are from their Studio line except the one all the way on the right. The studio line brushes are sooooo soft!! :D all the brushes from the Studio line were $3! and the regular eyeshadow brush all the way on the right was only $1! great deal!! <3
From Left to right: Powder brush, Eyeshadow "C" brush, Complexion brush, Complexion brush, Fan brush, and another Eyeshadow brush

also got a Brush Case to hold my brushes for when i travel since i dont have one. here are all my brushes total. i know i dont have many lol

got 2 lipsticks from them, in Party Pink and Nicely Nude

i havent swatched them yet, but they dont really look like the color on the box :( nor do they look like it in the picture on the website. they look darker than i would like them to be... :( $5 each.

blush in Shy and i like it. its a nice color. $1

two nail polishes, left one is Mod Mauve and the right one is Coral. i dont really like them. they look kinda ugly as you can see on my finger.. lol mmm, now when i compair them to the website`s color picture they do look the same..but for some reason i dont like them when i wear it. :( haha $1 each.

yummy goldfish for lunch.

so i have these sticky things on my window that my roommates got me on my bday. i left it there during the summer and they all melted. it looks so disgusting haha summer in riverside is SUPER hot!

the view outside my room window. not so nice. haha thats why i always close my window blinds. those trees are orange trees. own by the university.


Kym said...

such pretty nail colors! love it! and wow, you've got a million dollar view from your room there. hahaha! jk ;P

C. said...

the complexion brush is the best!!

e.motion in motion said...

Ohh I always wanted to try the complexion brush =) how is it? I love the eyeshadow brush too, even for only a dollar it is great :D