Saturday, October 24, 2009


im learning to accept and like my haircut now because it has gotten longer hehe yesterday was the first day i went out of the house without clipping some of my hair up. after reading emily`s post on her eyes being uneven, i notice my eyes are like that too!! but then i always remembered that i had this talk with a friend of mine really really long time ago when i was in elementry school because when my friend looks in the mirror, and i look at her reflection, her face looks funny lol and we came to the conclusion that no human`s face is exactly proportional.

went to the mall today to apply for aero`s seasonal position. wow i didnt expect so many people to apply. but then again, it was on their website and they had a table with applications like in front of the store. :( i was kinda sad and scared that i might not get the job. damn if i had later classes, i would have a higher chance of getting the job because they really need people to open the store and most people who applied are closers. *sigh* anyways i got some really cute earrings. lol yea.


e.motion in motion said...

I think your hair looks great :D You look fab ♥ Cute earrings and gl with the job!

Stephanie said...

Hehe you DO have cute hair!

Dudeeeee Lisaaaa I'm still tryna compile my costume. I've got the boots LOL they're close enough... not enough buckles like real goth/punk boots.

Aralka said...

These earrings are really really cute!
And I told ya! Your haircute is great. Without clipping too. So stop worrying about it :)

Yeah, I also have uneven eyes. My right is bigger than left haha :D

emolychan said...

kahaha yeah no ones face is PERFECTLLYYY symmetrical but s'all good. :) we are human after all!
&&your hair is cute! and i'm not just saying that to be nice!

Peter said...

did you go to both aero's? and the ones near your school?? lol

MizzDestinee said...

I think the haircut is very pretty on you. I can NEVER pull off with a short cut =T
the earrings are soo cute!