Monday, July 27, 2009

CHEAP is my favorite word

Today, I hung out with Joan and we went around getting stuff for tiffany's baby shower gift. all i have to say is, we are good at finding reasonable prices. im excited to put our gift together! and it was fun getting all the stuff, and im sure it`ll be more fun making it! haha seems like everyone is having babies now... its so weird. like uhhh arent we too young to have babies?!!

so at first we looked around babies r us, didnt get anything there because we thought of other places to go that would be more money friendly haha. went to joann's and looked around, the lady that was cutting the fabric gave us a lot of advise about the blanket that we`re making. then we talked amongst ourselves for a while deciding on if we should take her advise and blah blah blah. in the end, we decided to totally ignore her advise and just go with what we were originally gonna do. haha the pattern that we got for the blanket is sooo adorable! :) yeahh then we went to the salvation army to look for a basket to hold the blanket. dude, we found this super duper nice basket for just $1.18 like WHAO yay for bargain hunting!! :) after, we went to look for other little baby necessities to add to our basket. and done! we got hungry so we decided to call us cassandra to grab some food. ate at Face Cafe, i enjoyed my food. haha i had the garlic beef with rice in stone bowl. since joan and cassandra are both vegetarian, they got their tofu stuff. haha joan got some tofu curry and cass got a stone bowl also, but with tofu in it. i dont think she liked her meal very much cus she didnt like the preserved vegetables that were in it. haha

pretty fun catching up, since i havent seen joan in so long. :) i love reunions!

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Kym said...

what a coincidence, cheap is my favourite word too... along with SALE and FREE. hahaha! ;P