Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hello Weekend!

went to Pink`s hotdogs last night. damn i love pinks. great hot dogs. since i always get the same thing everytime i go (polish dog), i decided to get something different. this here is the New York hot dog. it`s topped with 'spicy red onions' but it wasnt very spicy at all. haha after that, we took bob`s friend whom came from toronto to visit to go look at the HOLLYWOOD sign. its not that great. exactly like what you see on tv lol

visited vivian earlier that day at her house with lucy because lucy had something to give her. we were catching up on stuff and as we were talking about elementry school, she brought out her lunch cards! haha wow! she still had sooo many. i lost all mine. i remember i always lost mine and would have to pay $2 for a replacment. -____-;; in first grade, i lost it 3 times lol. eventually i tied it around my neck so i wouldnt lose it.

my nails look so crappy because i took off my fake nails and now my nails look gross. i bought these Hello Kitty nail stickers a while ago and finally decided to use it. lol

ahh summer isnt summer without WATERMELONS! yumm i avoided eating watermelons for two whole years because i was always cautious about my weight and i heard that watermelon is nothing but sugar and water. yeahh but today was just too hot. so i decided to eat some watermelon. my mom once told me that watermelons are good for washing your face or something. i did it once and i saw no difference. haha ya know, asians and their remedies. lol i get them from my mom. i swear i remember them all for some reason, and when i tell my friends, they say im old fashion.


Peter said...

even if watermelon is just sugar, water, and's the healthy kind..not processed, so it's still good for you

mmm of those so. cal staples..though i've never eaten it and i don't really like hotdogs anyway but mm~

funkiimonkee said...

I hate it when fake nails don't all off! That chilli onion looks gooddd- maybe cos I am hungry! ahha

Blair said...

Oh yum!!! That hotdog looks delish and it doesn't help in curing my hunger pangs lol

Stephanie said...