Friday, July 24, 2009

First Entry!

Yay so my first post on blogger. im not really sure what kind of blog i want to make this, but yeah. i feel like a new blog, is a fresh new start for me. I want to make this new blog a little more personal. so im not gonna tell much people about it. yep. a lot of things have been going through my mind lately. and i want to write them all down, but that`ll take a while. maybe in another post. haha i will also try to incorporate at least one photo in each entry. i wanna start a photo 365. i guess today will be my first :)

i now have two hello kitties. The one on the left is my first one. It was given to me by my friend
tiffany for my birthday. I dressed her up like this wanting to make it look "gangster" lol but i totally failed and it looks like a little school girl or a guy. -___-;; When you press the right hand. it RAWRs like a dinosaur. :) The second one is given to me by a guy im currently "seeing" idono what we are. bleh dont ask. haha we went to disneyland together and after disneyland, we walked around downtown disney. i've been telling him about Build-a-Bear for a while and we found it at downtown disney. he insisted on buying me a Hello Kitty even though he knew i had one already. For this one, i decided to dress it up in Hello Kitty PJs. haha and when the right hand is pressed, it sounds five different phrases. 1. "hi girlfriend" 2. "its great to have a friend like you" 3. "Lets go shopping" 4. and 5. i dont remember haha The first one's name is "Gangster Kitty" and the second one's name is "Cupcake" :)

The other night, i got a very random text from George.
lmfao he cracks me up.

Today, i went to Lucky's with my sis and while at the chip's aisle i saw these weird flavors of Pringles! Dill Pickle? Onion Blossom? WEIRD. make me think of the time i was in Canada. Over there in Canada, they have Lays chips in Ketchup flavor and Pickle flavor as well. its so weird. it blew my mind. i wonder how long these will stay in the markets before it starts to disappear, because im sure not much people will wanna buy Dill Pickle flavored chips, at least i dont. haha


Sophia said...

...everyone in Canada eats ketchup and dill flavored chips


at least we don't eat pork grinds LOL

Peter said...

ah you blogged!
and i see you tweaked some text around.

what the heck is a photo365