Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy

I did nothing today. Cleaned my room, ate dinner with my parents and ate cake. My mom likes those traditional asian cakes for some reason. Ya know? the ones with the fruit and creme and two thick layers of cake. haha

yeah i blocked my cleavage in the picture. Dang man, if i knew that my two twins were popping out i wouldnt have worn this dress the way i did. lol anyways...

many people say i look the most like my mom. do we? haha i KINDA see it.. haha i think i look more like her without make up on though.

now im bored, just waiting for that usual late night phone call from him. haha gosh, i feel like today was such a waste because i did nothing productive.

my sister is using her car everyday now. i remember when i first got my car. i wanted to drive all my friends around and i felt so free because when i wanted to hang out with my friends, they didnt have to come over just to drive me, i could just meet them somewhere. But now, i actually hate driving. gas is eating a hole into my wallet.

my younger sister got a better car than me. we both have honda accord coupes, but hers is a 2004 i think. and her`s cost more than mine. :( when it came home last sunday, i was ready to cry. but my mom talked to me. and she said shes very fair with her children. and because her car costs more than mine, she will give me 10k for me to put a down payment on a car in the future. which all comes out to the same amount anyways. i felt better.

anyways, since i have been on a shopping ban, i found an alternative. hahaha i started a poupeegirl account the other day. (look to the right side of this blog). this website allows you to dress up a character, buy clothes for your character using ribbons that you receive when you post up a picture of your real life clothing. everyone gets to show off their fashionable items and there are diff ways to get ribbons. i had 100+ ribbons today and now im down to 29. haha im pretty addicted to this website because i want to make my character cute by dressing her up...but for now, she looks kinda plain because im poor. hahaha -_____-;;

ohh if you`ve been following me, you would know that i had a little argument with him. before i went to sleep, i texted him "call me, or else!" haha and he called me in the morning and everything was ok. i learned to just let things go because i cant be right all the time, although i would like to be. he said he dropped the phone and when he picked it up he pressed the hang up button. i think i have trust issues, but im slowly overcoming it. yay me!

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Peter said...

woo downpayment, it'll be like your graduation prsent
your car prob got another atleast 20-40k miles in it