Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summers are hot

Went to rite aid to get ice cream with Phieu and Elaine today. yummy cheap ice cream! they ran out of my favorite, cookies n cream, so i got the black cherry.

Summer is usually the only time i ever eat ice cream.

*sigh* so i`ve been talking to a guy for a couple months now. ill explain all that in tomorrow`s post, maybe. and while we were on the phone today, i was kinda already angry at him for not listening to me. so i told him I HATE YOU. and he said forreals?! you hate me? and i said YEAH FORREALS. then the next sec, he hangs up on me. i was so surprised and i was ready to cry. i got really really mad because he`s never hung up on me... he calls me and i ignored it. he calls me 3 times and all 3 times i ignored it. i IMs me and tells me that it was an accident and stuff. but idono at that time, i was really mad so i didnt wanna believe that it was an accident. so its been an hour and a half since the incident and im questioning myself. i ask myself. why do i always get mad so easily? should i say sorry? maybe it really was an accident and im taking it too far? am i being stupid?

i remember when i was on my T.O.M, little things that he say would make me angry. like when he was saying "yeah you snore, and grind your teeth and i cant sleep" the thing is, he always repeats it and teases me about it, but this one time, he said it again and i just blew up on him and said "Well if you dont like it then dont sleep with me!!!" i just got super mad. i never knew i was the type of girl to be super sensitive during T.O.M, *sigh*


Denysia said...

Oh man, boys will always be a mystery to us. I think maybe you should talk about your problems with him, and then he should understand. I get mad at my boyfriend, and he gets mad at me. It's just a natural way for people to vent their madness. Hope you work it out with him! :)

Kym said...

i could use a scoop right now.

amynaree said...

i'm super sensitive during those times too hehe so i feel u girl! every little thing is like multiplied by 10 :) Hope everything works out