Friday, July 31, 2009

Want Some Crabs?

HELLO KITTY! a few days ago, my best friend lucy told me that she had a surprise for me! i was super excited at the time, but forgot about it until i got into her car today. haha these two figures are packaged in a box while inside a small bag. When one buys one of these, one does not know what design it will be. i guess that`s the exciting part haha. i now have a total of 4 of these and thankfully, i never had a repeat! i would be so sad if i had a repeat. :( haha now that i look at the mushroom hello kitty, i now see two dots on her
nipples? that is so odd!

at costco today i saw crabs laying out on the ice ready to be sold. it seems like the crabs here are different compared to the ones sold at the chinese markets. at the chinese markets, they`re still alive until you`re ready to bring them home. i guess its cus asians love everything fresh, especially their fish. haha the fresh seafood makes the market smell. i love going to asian markets though. their products are packaged differently compared to american markets. Dirtier i guess you can say. haha but i dont care because when you bring them home, you wash them anyways. and because its "dirty" it costs less! haha. im deathly allergic to crabs and lobster though. Once at my grandmother`s birthday dinner, our family had both crab and lobster. i had one peice of both thinking nothing will happen to me. but oh man, i started itching all over the place. My mom and i had to leave early so i can go home. My mom put chinese oil all over my body and it made it feel better. While we were going home, my mom was thinking if we have any chinese oil left, if we didnt, i would`ve had to go to the hospital. O__O luckly my aunt had some at her house.. haha Never again do i wanna eat crab and lobster.


Peter said...

o i didn't know you were allergic
i have the cutest little girl in my music and rhythm class and maybe dance lol. and she's SOOO cute you'd never expect her to have a peanut allergy.

didnt i tell you had the most fkin awesome lobster in canada? it was flippin huge too lol

Kym said...

bahahahah two little red dots... just strategically placed in the nipple area. love it.