Sunday, July 26, 2009

today is sunday

got a bunch of ds games onto my ds today. haha two Spongebob Squarepants games, harry potter and the half blood prince, gardening mama, and happy cooking. so far i`ve tried the happy cooking and spongebob vs. the big one. they`re both pretty fun haha i wanna get more but the site i got it from only allowed a 5 limit per 7 days. -____-;; blah haha i already know what my next 5 games will be. haha i like cooking games and adventure games i guess.

went to eat dim sum today with my parents and 2/3 siblings at Blue Ocean. Usually, they wont even have any Ha Gaos and other stuff, but today they had everything we want. haha despite what everyone else's favorite dim sum restaurant is, i still like Blue Ocean more. Its weird though, the food is good, and the people are pretty nice, i have no idea why at 1pm when i got there, i still see empty tables. this places use to be freakn packed as heck.

In preparation for Tiffany's baby shower, joan caloma and i are going to go shopping for stuff to give tiff as a present. (she`s due in September)since we`re both broke as fck, we`re gonna chip in for something. blah as if im not low on money already, i gotta get her a baby gift. i mean, i wouldnt mind getting it, if i was low on dough haha. i keep telling my friends, imma be so desperate for money imma start selling myself. hahaha i wonder how much i would be worth..

i`ve been on a shopping ban. i think i started in June. and omg i feel so uneasy. i always have the urge to go buy something. i always get emails from hollister, a&f, Am Eagle, Johnny Cupcakes, dEliA`s, etc. and i always get so sad because delia is having free shipping. :( i wanna buy clothes! i wanna buy make - up! i was thinking, are these shopping bans truly good for you? because i know that once this summer is finished, i will go back to my old ways and buy things. Though i always look for good deals and sales, i also buy things that arent on sale most of the time. I HAVE A PROBLEM. :( most of my money now is going towards gas. GAS OH GAS, HOW I HATE YOU. i wish i had a car that didnt require gas. (i know i know those are called hybrids) but damn i have a V6 engine. do you know how much gas that thing eats up???? A LOT. -super sad face-


Peter said...

find a job! if your determined you'll land one got the car and everything...when i just started at harmony tree my mom and i had to make sacrifices just so i could work there..use craigslist.

i needa get myself a DS for boring days..

i don't make much..but yeah..i really needa save up for the rest of college..i don't want to take out loans T_T

Stephanie said...

Wow! Tiffany, that Korean girl from high school, right? Grats to her! Wow, lots of people I know are having babies, it's so weird.

I haven't touched my DS for a while now... I should take it out and play with it once in a while because I'm going to be going to Canada soon :P Need moar entertainment!

I need a job. I see all these sales and I can't buy anything because I am also low on cash. Rawrrrrrr. I wanna buy more makeup too hahaha I need a new mascara...

Kym said...

*mmMmm* i love me some dimsum!
i was on a shopping ban last March/April.. i broke it 21 days in. haha! ;P

Miss Odukoya xx said...

OMGosssh!! I love the hello kitty concept..
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