Monday, November 2, 2009


some pictures from this weekend. pretty fun weekend haha halloween is such a big thing in college for some reason. Thursday night, party. saturday night, went to a church fair in Chino, then trick or treated 5 houses because it was late. haha we cant pass up free candy!! :D~ some guy was like "so what are you guys? high schoolers?" and we all responded "YESSSS" HAHAHAH after, kick back at Nick`s house.

top: Saturday night, bottom: Thursday nightMariooo

this isnt from halloween haha but camera whored anyways.

i wish i could wear falsies everyday. if i wasnt so lazy and short on time all the time, i prob would. haha


Kym said...

hahaha love the mario outfit! and the falsies.... if it weren't so darn difficult to put on, i'd have 'em on more often too! haha!

e.motion in motion said...

Awww super cute! I agree with you on the falsies lol. Wish I had more time!

Peter said...

i like the left picture in the yellow hoodie :]

audrey said...

so beautiful pix :)