Tuesday, November 24, 2009

heavy women, not unhealthy

my Religious Studies professor made a very good point in lecture today.

he was talking about how men usually like thin females compared to bigger females and this is because there is an obsession with the pubescent (the age before or at puberty i.e. pre-teens).

Model agencies want their models to be a size 00 - 2. anything bigger than that, you are considered fat. agencies still, however, airbrush the photos of their already underweight models, making their bodies look the way a pre-teen would look. girls who are super skinny, enough so we can count their ribs, arent necessarily healthier compared to bigger girls with wide hips. actually, girls who are super skinny, tend to be the ones who are most unhealthy. when your body is unhealthy, it is coordinated to your mind. (or so my professor says). the unhealthy mind is easier to manipulate and this is why men tend to like the skinny girls. a guy may be at a bar, and see a skinny girl like the one i just described and say "hey lets go buy her a drink" because what may be going on inside that guy's head is that he can easily manipulate her into doing things he wants to do.

he also makes a point that clothing stores like victoria's secret make thongs with cherries and teddy bears on them. this makes one think; Who are they really try to market towards?? i really dont think pre teens really should be wearing thongs in the first place.. but hey, thats just my opinion.

so, thicker girls sometimes, are healthy if not healthier than skinny girls.
i hate media for making us women hate our bodies!! grrr

ps. i know this doesnt only happen to women, but since women is the majority, i will just talk about women's bodies, since i am a woman myself.

do you guys think this is true? what is your opinion?


Peter said...

very feminist
then i guess all guys are pedophiles? haha...

ko0ty said...

I think skinny girls look gross... I think women with the nicest bodies are the ones who work out and are lean and toned.

Muscle looks sooo much better than "skinny fat." Yuck.