Wednesday, November 18, 2009

laugh till you drop

Monday night, stayed up till 6am to do a 7 page paper. i finished it in 4 hours. i didnt think it was a big deal, but when i told a couple of my friends, they were amazed because i guess 4 hours for a 7 page paper is really fast. haha i got 2 hours of sleep. went to class, i had class till 7pm -_____- lucy came to riverside to visit me. we had dinner and she slept over. went to class while lucy went to the gym, then after i came back at 12, we went to eat Chipotle and then the mall so she can return some stuff. drove back to alhambra. met up with cassandra, went to costco and target. haha we tried on those one piece pajamas. lucy and cassandra ended up wearing those pjs throughout the store... i took mine off cus it was getting hot. people were staring at them. how embarassing hahaha then, went to yogurtland and then starbucks :)

i slept talk when i was sleeping last night lol i dont remember what i said now, but i think i said like two words. i caught myself sleep talk though haha and lucy woke up she was like

Lucy: what did you say? did you ask me if i was gonna put that picture up on the wall?
Lisa: WTF?? no i didnt! you`re dreaming!
Lucy: shut up! it was a good dream.


i bought a one piece pjs! they`re soo warm lol a guy was passing by as we were putting them on and he was laughing at us and was nice enough to offer to help us take a picture :)

Yogurtland <3>
best friend cassandra

best friend lucy


Peter said...

tokidoki yogurt cups,cuute

e.motion in motion said...

Aww cute hehe! I wish we had one of those yogurt places here, I really want those cups/soons, so kawaii!

Toothfairy said...

hahahah... tokidoki yogurt!!! how cool is that! I wanT!!!!


emolychan said...

hehe cutee
do you have to get out of the one-sie to pee though? :P

MizzDestinee said...

cute pjs!

C. said...

thanks for the comment lisa! and that pj thing...ive done that before at target lol XD