Sunday, November 29, 2009


had a long talk with my girl vicky. i love talks with her. i always find out so many things that opened my eyes. i will learn to not trust so many people from now on. it sucks when a friend whom you`ve known for so many years all of a sudden, changes. haha i can honestly say, i only have 4 people whom i completely trust. i need to be stronger because there are gonna be sooo many minipulative people out there in the world and i refuse to be eaten by them.

its sunday. i hate sundays because school is the next day. which means i gotta do hw and sleep in early... but when theres hw due the next day, i never get to sleep in early. blah

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e.motion in motion said...

Totally agree with you on the trusting part... it's sad when you find out things like that. Which is why I also don't trust many ppl!

Boo to school too ><