Sunday, November 15, 2009

chill time

it was a nice weekend. kinda haha um friday, i registered for classes for the upcoming winter quarter. i cant say im fully happy with my schedule but im okay with it and im glad i finally registered. originally wanted to take 5 classes, but because my university only allows a 20 unit max per quarter, i couldnt take the last class i wanted (creative writing) because i was gonna be 2 units over. arg.. yea.. went back home pretty late, and i hit super bad traffic on the way.. -____-;; i was taking pictures in the car haha yeah it was THAT bad. took me an hour and 45 min to get home. wtf?! got home, ate dinner and then went to hang out with joan at tiff`s house and played with tiff`s baby. hes only 2 months right now and hes changed so much! he got so much fatter ahahah. more fun to play with now, since he actually makes sounds and smiles.

saturday, went to the ortho -___-;; tightened my braces. it really hurts now, and its day 2.. got my radio fixed. dinner with friends afterwards for an early surprise-ish thing for david. my boys helped me install my HIDs :D yee-yee!! drank boba, and played cards. haha we played 13 with like 8 people, two deck of cards.

sunday, dad and i went to fill air in my tires cus my dad says its 10 pounds under what its suppose to be. the place that we pumped air in the pressure measurer sucked. we ended up over pumping the tires. went to buy one of those pressure measurer things at Kreagen. now my tires are at a perfect 30lbs :) car washed, radio fixed, tired perfect, HIDs. my car was happy. i can so feel the diff in my tires from before. feels so much better!

im gaining weight because i havent had time to go to the gym due to school.. arg time to go on a diet again.. argg!!!


Peter said...

wow jealous, i want hid's on my car lol

i did get your text but i saw it really late at night haha

Kym said...

boooo to traffic! thank goodness my route doesn't involve THAT much traffic! =S and ahhhh, love chubbywubby babies! hehehe! so cute!