Wednesday, November 11, 2009

veteran's day

no school today whoo hoo!! went to eat all you can eat sushi. the friends decided to go there before the place opened cus someone heard that it was packed and people actually wait outside till it opens O__O yea but when we got there, no one was waiting... wth haha so we went to walk around the market till it opened. omg we ate way too much. i hate creame cheese!!!! so gross. cream cheese and sushi should never be together. YUCK. haha ate till we were ready to puke. ew haha after that, we went to get yogurt. haha damn i shouldnt have gotten the yogurt because it made me even fuller!! i was suppose to have dinner with my best friend at night, but she bailed on me. lame. so i was super bored, and had nothing to do, no dramas to watch. -____-;; i decided to go to the mall by myself. i got some good buys! yay! i controled myself too! i was tempted to go into the sanrio store, but made myself keep walking pass it. yay me!

i was approved for a Victoria's Secret Credit Card! i get coupons and stuff like that in the mail. this card was given to me. it can contain from $10, $50, $100, or $500! off a purchase. but i dont get to see how much i have or use it until dec 01. whoo hoo! i prob will get the $10 cus im very unlucky. i never win anything big haha. actually, i never win raffles or anything! i remember in Chinese School, they would have raffles for like stuff and i would never win.. out of all the years i`ve been at that chinese school. so sad T_T

i wasnt even going to stop at victoria`s secret, but then i saw a sign that said 7 or $25 panty grabs! i was like OH HAIL YEAH! haha cus the usual sale is 5 for $25. i HAD to stop by! haha
Forever21! the one near my school is really small.. :( but i managed to find some good buys. i got this very cute little tank thingy for $12.80.

Sales rack! i saw this cool white jean jacket for only $9.99!! WHoo!! i love saving money :)


Peter said...

aw that tank has a cute thinger on it
wow you got approved for a VS CC..i wonder if i can get approved for anything since i have no credit history

Aralka said...

great clothes! especially i like this top.

I think that Victoria's Secret's models are totally amazing! They are very cute and have nice body. i want to be them :< haha :D

emolychan said...

=] cute tank!!

Toothfairy said...

I heart the panties, but adore the top! I love tops with cute prints... too bad we don't have forever 21 here! booh!

Have a great week ahead!