Friday, November 27, 2009

gobble gobble hehehe

thanksgiving is over. i had lots to eat yesterday. afternoon lunch turned into a late afternoon lunch because the plan was to have Hot Pot with the friends then dinner with family after. i ate way too much during hot pot haha but it was yummy. but when i went to family dinner, i was still really full from hot pot. Thanksgiving is when my family tries to be "White" haha we prepare non-asian food. macaroni, turkey, salad, corn, mashed potatoes, etc. all pretty good :) i was sooo full last night, i felt like i wanted to die (lol) but yeah. not gonna do any black friday shopping today.. i only did some online shopping.. not much but i saved a little. got the ifrogz dj headphones for the boyfriend. when i was looking at it a few days ago, it was $51ish and now amazon is having a sale so i got it for $31. whoo hoo. i also got some HD foundation from originally $16 and i got 25% off. so with shipping its $17ish.

imma watch new moon with joan today. even though i`ve watched it already.. i actually dont like new moon because i thought it was super boring. but im being a good friend.. haha

im in a good mood today because im listening to this :)

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