Wednesday, November 4, 2009


ate at this one Italian place with steph phieu and jeffery for lunch today. the pizza was yummyy. but the food took soo long to come out. i guess its alright, since the food was pretty good. i didnt like the lasagna though. too much cheese. went to a pet store after. i saw soo many ads for selling dogs outside the store. there was a pamaranian for $500 i think. i was so tempted to call the owners because the pictures on the ad were so cute! and its considerably cheaper than if you`re gonna buy it from a petstore. i saw the cutest little bunny at the petstore today. ahhh i love bunnies! it was only $19.99 :( too bad i didnt get it. i had to quickly leave before i became even more attached to it. ahh i want a bunny soo bad! the white ones only. :D after that, phieu treated us all to ice cream at rite aid. hehehe yummy :D

im looking forward to the up coming veterans day. gonna go eat all-you-can-eat sushi!! :P my mouth is drooling already. it seems like soo long since i`ve had good sushi haha and then im looking forward to Thanksgiving!! yayayayay!

我想要一只兔子!! >__< <3


emolychan said...

ooo i want really good lasagna right now..

Aralka said...

woooooow these bunnies are so cute!!!
I used to eat lasagne, when I didn't have a milk alergy . >.<