Saturday, August 1, 2009

i feel creative!

today joan and i started making the baby blanket and omg it is so adorable. we both dont want to give it to tiff and just keep it for ourselves hahaha. But its okay, because we`re gonna make one for ourselves and our lovers and we`re gonna make it 10 times better because this baby blanket is our first blanket. so hopefully ours will look nice too, maybe even better!! :) haha we`re gonna go downtown LA for like cheaper and better material haha yay im soo excited! ^^

Anyways, we took a while looking for the pattern for the blanket. And we found this pattern with the dinosaur on it!! super cute and appropriate for a baby boy! hahaha so we took 3 hours making this blanket and we`re not even done, but i think the reason why we took so long is because as we were making it, we were also talking and gossiping lol. damn i miss joan. old times yo. i found out stuff about friends that i never knew about. it totally changed my point of view!!! its weird when that happens though, cus you think you know your friends, but then someone tells you something about them and then *BAM* you look at them differently.

im starting to get little pimples. its weird though because i usually dont get pimples unless im stressed, but i have no idea what im stressed about. hmm.. arg boys, they stress me out. lol i wish they can read minds or tell by just the tone of my voice or something. haha eh whatever


Peter said...

well i don't stress girls out..anna told me once, that talking to me is like talking to a girlfriend..*sigh* lol

Kym said...

yes, boys can be stressful but they can also be all the other good stuff too! once you get past the communication barrier (male vs female talk), its much easier! :) and you and your friend are so talented to be able to make a blanket!! hehe! enjoy the rest of your sunday!