Sunday, September 27, 2009


i never thought i would be the type to be jealous. but DAMN, am i a jealous person... sometimes, i hold it in too long and i burst a little. so unhealthy for myself. but then i just sleep and it temporally calms me down.


emolychan said...

mooo haha i feel ya.
anyways thanks for following my blog, did you find me off soompi?

Vicky said...

hey lisa! thanks for visiting :D
film for my instant camera is actually pretty easy to find on ebay since fuji is still producing them. i wanted an old, vintage polaroid but after i found out they stopped producing film for it, i decided not to get it :(

you should invest in a fuji polaroid! the photos come out really amazing :D

emolychan said...

why thank you! lol
mm i'm actually supposed to be a 4th year at UCSC, but i'm graduating 2 quarters early so i'll be done w/ undergrad when i come back from studying abroad :)

DUDE! you should SO study abroadd! i'm assuming you study @ ucla or something, should look into it :)
if you go in the fall it's only a little more expensive but it's soooo worth it!!