Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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I feel like whenever theres something that I HAVE to do, i tend to lag it. Like even if its a phone call that I HAVE TO make it will make me feel uneasy just thinking about it. Like say im feeling lazy at the moment, but my friends call me to go out, i know i will need to put make up on, and pick out an outfit, but i wait till the last minute to do it, so i end up looking like shiet. lol I like to do what i want, when i want.

anyways, im going to San Dezzy today for a Blink 182 concert tonight! yayuh. i will be staying at lucy`s crib then the next day ill be going to Ontario for my job interview at Nestle Toll House Cafe lol. sounds like a funny job eh. i think one of my requirements will be baking. haha idono but imma give it a shot. if i dont get it, then whatevers. I am not excited for all this driving. blehhh

im giving blood on friday. i feel like its good that im helping someone, but they are ALWAYS calling me. if i say no, its gonna be like wow she`s a bitch, but damnnn its myyyy blood! seriously they call me like once a month... -____-;;

saturday i have an ortho appointment and then ill be getting Olive Garden with Joan and Lucy. Endless pasta bowl!! im excited to eat! I LOVE OLIVE GARDEN

its harder and harder for me to come up with a nice title for my entries now :(

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