Wednesday, September 23, 2009

book makers are robbers!

last night, i spent $258.06 on books for 3 classes. i still need to buy books for my history class, but i cant buy it right now because the professor hasn't put up the syllabus yet. this is why i am glad im not a science major. science majors always have those heavy hardcover books that they have to buy. im taking two science classes this quarter which is why i think my books cost way more than it did in the past. hopefully the history book wont cost as much maybe like the most is $40 just to make it an even $300 total for the whole quarter. *sigh* school is so expensive... sometimes i just wanna say "forget it! i quit!" but its not that easy lol damnit why must they make books so fancy and hard covered when all the students care about is the text in it. and i also heard that some books, they have so many new editions ever year, but all they change is like the picture on the front cover and add a graph on one page and they call it a new edition, making students buy it for much more... T__T i have school tomorrow. bleh, not looking forward to it. i think this quarter is gonna be pretty tough. someone tutor me in physics please? lol

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Riff Dog said...

Textbooks really have gotten out of hand. And the plots in them never seem to be very exciting. ;-)