Tuesday, September 8, 2009

uncomfortable convo

yesterday, my mom came into my room and asked me to read some letters for her. after that we had a short conversation about boyfriends. i think the translating letters gave her an excuse to come into my room lol the convo went something like this:

: i translated all this from Chinese because that's what my mom speaks. sorry if it sounds funny, i tried to make it sound good in English.

mom: hey lisa, in your group of boys and girls that you hang out with, are all of them dating someone?
me: no, only cassandra has a boyfriend
mom: well none of them like you?
me: what?? are you saying you want me to have a boyfriend?
mom: no, im just saying that you need to take notice if anyone has feelings for you because when you start working and having a job in the future, its going to be hard to find boyfriends. Just see if any of your friends have feelings for you and see if they`re good for you.
me: mom, i dont want to date my close friends because if anything goes wrong and we break up, that will ruin a friendship!
mom: oh, ok so you guys just play together and go places together as a group. so cassandra hangs out with her boyfriend and your group of friends separately?
me: no, cassandra`s boyfriend is in my group of friends.

lol funny eh. after this short talk, i think my mom is ready for me to have a boyfriend. i didnt tell her about my boyfriend though because i dont think im ready to tell her yet, besides, we`re not even getting that serious yet. it felt weird that my mom wants to talk to me about this stuff now because asian parents are so different compared to american parents. Like, my parents never talked about sex with me and my siblings and i remembered when i was little, my mom told us that we werent allowed to have boyfriends until we were finished with college because if you have boyfriends while you`re in school, you wont focus on school. I think my mom`s ways of thinking has changed because my bitchy youngest sister is a very rebellious child, and still is. My parents found out that she had a boyfriend when she was 14 years old i think. Around the time she first started high school. I seriously thought that my parents will kick her out of the house, but that never happened. This conversation gives me an insight on what she wants though. i think if i ever meet "the one" i will be less afraid when i want to bring him home to meet the parents.

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Stephanie said...

Hahah any conversation with parents and boyfriends are always very awkward. At least your mom doesn't assume that every new male face that she sees is your 'new' boyfriend.
My suggestion is, to be honest with your parents. When I told my parents about Wasin (I was 14), they explained to me that they already knew what was going on, and that they wanted me to tell them the truth about our relationship. And that they wouldn't get mad at me.