Thursday, September 24, 2009

first day of my 3rd year in college

first day of school, man was i pooped. i had 3 classes today. started class at 9:40am. first class was history, not bad just went over the syllabus and the professor lectured a little. second class, religious studies, very chill because the professor wasnt present due to the UC wide walk out. the TA just went over the syllabus. got outta class early, went back to my apartment and ate lunch (instant noodle) took care of my parking situation with the office. my parking is no longer on the 4th floor! now its on the 2nd floor! whoo hoo! the only bad thing is, that it faces the sun. after that was all done, quickly walked to class, but ended up being 30 mins early so i sat on a bench playing tetris on my NDS. physics was the most fun class out of all my classes today. if only the books werent so freakn expensive. -___-;; after class, i tried to get home as quick as possible because joanne locked herself out. it was so effing hot today in riverside. record high of 105 degrees! shiet i was sweating so much, i hate sweating!! after i got home, i knocked out until it was time to cook dinner. then watched vampire diaries! omg today`s eps was sooo goood!!!! yep that was my day. tomorrow i have one class in the morning (biology) and then im done! yayuh


Aralka said...

Do you like physic? I don't... It's very hard for me.

Wow! You have NDS? What is your favourite game?


Aralka said...

Oh! And I add you to my "Daisuki" list. Check it please :3

Denysia said...

School is hard for me too! My brother actually lives with 3 other roommates, in their on campus apartment. And it was only the 4th day since they moved in, so I guess that's why it's not so messy. But I'm going to go during the spring to visit him, and I want to see if their living like pigs! Haha. And if they are, I'm going to clean their apartment!