Tuesday, September 15, 2009

random thoughts

whooo! i took this picture haha i felt bad that i take my dslr out to play anymore so i took it out yesterday when i was hanging out with paul, since i didnt have to drive, i took pictures in the car. i really hate driving.. -___-;; anyways, once in a while, i can take pretty decent pictures. The clouds and the light shining through it looks so cool. Like GOD is here or some shiet hahahaha

anyways, i really need to find a job.. anyone wanna hire me? lol im good at many things!! :D

everyone keeps talking about the kanye west and taylor swift thing. it was crazy at first, but now im really sick of hearing it.

theres a bunch of movies i would like to see, like the Time Traveler`s wife, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, and the New Moon. so far only the time traveler`s wife is out but cloudy with a chance of meatballs is coming out soon in a few weeks i think. i usually watch movies with lucy, but shes busy doing her orientation leader stuff. :(

lately i`ve been getting the cravings for many things lol sounds like im pregnant haha but anyways. i want to eat olive garden, souplatation, yogurtland, and sushi!! :D~ gotta eat all my fav food before i have to go back to school and get back onto my diet manns.

nothing to do... i guess ill upload pictures i`ve taken since summer started onto facebook. soo many picture!! T_T

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