Friday, September 25, 2009


im actually learning to like my haircut and dealing with it. yep. just wait a month and it`ll grow a little longer. my hair tends to grow fast when its short. lol

my weekend is finally here!!! two days of heat is too much.

two of my books came! yay. i have a lot of reading to do this weekend... :( blehh im going to be a good student this year. no more slacking off! clean start!! good student + save money = awesome. i always think of places i want to go out to eat..but then i stop myself and tell myself "NO! SAVE MONEY!" lol

my canon powershot a410 that i got years ago is acting weird on me.. thats what i used to take those pictures on top. can you see the lines on them?? i have no idea why it did that! i loved this camera so much! people use to make fun of me because its kinda bulky and has a small LCD screen but i always tell them "STFU! it takes better pictures than your camera!" and it really did! :( but i found this one camera long time ago, someone left a casio digital camera at a cue (sticker picture place) and i picked it up haha free camera! i`ve had it for a long time, but never bothered to buy a charger for it. but now since i found out my canon was acting up, i bought it! and it arrived today. yay. i really love canon cameras.. i really do.. my dad had a canon camera, and my first digital camera was a canon, and my dslr is a canon. i love them because they`re so long lasting. lol


Peter said...

so u got a usb and charger cable for the camera you found?

Aralka said...

I told you, your new hairstyle is really cool ^^
You should try without clips. :)