Saturday, September 12, 2009

lazy day

had a lazy day today. woke up, talked to the boyfriend on the phone, ate lunch, watched dramas, watched television, took a long bath and shaved my legs lol. painted my toes! silver with black leopard print! :P i think i did a good job!! haha i probably should have cleaned my room, but it never crossed my mind until now. excuse my ugly sausage toes and nasty tan lines! haha i`ve had that tan line for a year now, still not gone :(

i have a craving for sushi!!


Kym said...

one year tan?!?! whoa! haha! nice toes though.. better job than i could ever do. haha! have a great rest of your weekend lisa!

Peter said...

the tan line makes your foot kinda look like a oven baked bun or something

Elise said...

Oh WOW, this is a great post & you have the most gorgeously cool site here. I had to stop by to leave this comment for you – and to say hi ! Your posts are original - it's all perfect ! Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes....have a great Sunday !

Aralka said...

1 year?? wow, very long... :(
but i like your nails <3 this colors is great!