Sunday, February 21, 2010

lets throw rocks at boys

Why do boys lie? even if its about something so minor!!
the bf lied to me just now. i asked him,

"what are you listening to?"
"no youre not, liar, what are you doing?"
"im watching a movie on my computer."

wth? why did he feel like he needed to lie? this is the second time he lied about something so dumb. its so small, i dont understand why he did it. and it doesnt help that i, myself, already have trust issues.. its just so disappointing!! i dont know how i will recover from it. he keeps saying sorry, but he really doesnt know how i feel. a relationship is built on trust, yet he breaks it down so easily with 1 stupid lie. and he had the nerve to yell at me telling me "its a small lie! why do you gotta get so mad about it?"


tell me, am i being unreasonable???


Denysia said...

I hate liars. I don't think it's such a big deal for a guy to say he's doing one thing and then tell you something else. I mean when i'm watching a movie, sometimes you get so caught up watching the movie, you don't realize what your saying to someone else! I don't think it's right, but maybe he was caught up in the movie.

Serenie S. said...

Oh because if he can lie about something small what else is he lying about?! Boys stink.

BF does that to me all the time. Oh he got a speeding ticket and his uncle tells me about it. Not to mention he was heading to a party and was "Going to tell me about it when he got there."

He keeps telling me he'll stop smoking but I smell it sometimes and it pisses me off.
It's not WHAT they're lying/hiding it's that they did it and it hurts.

But all guys are different. I think my bf lies a lot because he's scared of what I'll think. But I always find out and I'm always mad. Hahaha.

e.motion in motion said...

Ohhh girl I deal with this everyyy day. YESS! It's those small stupid lies that irk me the most! Because you never know when they lead to bigger lies! Of course you're not being unreasonable! I get just as pissed off, and even more pissed off when the Mister tells me "why are you getting so mad about it?" >:(

lisaa__ said...

@denysia: yeah i guess youre right, there is a possibility that he might have been caught up in the movie..

@serenie: that is exactly how i feel! what if hes cheating on me and i never found out? and i tried really hard in the beginning to start trusting him and he has no idea how hard it was to do that.. ugh stupid boys

@erynn: yes! small lies can lead to bigger lies! im so freakn disappointed in him..

Peter said...

maybe he's not as serious as you think you guys are?

MizzDestinee said...

men are really bad at lying. No point of lying in the first place! We always catch them!

Kym said...

nope you're not being unreasonable... a SMALL lie is still a lie. white lie, small lie... theres still the word "LIE" attached to it! If he's lying to you about something so small, he can definitely lie to you about bigger things. >:(