Saturday, February 27, 2010

shoes shoes shoes

i wanna buy some heels but idono where i would wear them to :( im looking at f21 and they have some of these cute ones. ~$30 idono if they`re worth that much. but then again, i doubt i will find cheaper ones at other places. i guess i will buy the first two and return them if i dont like it. i hate buying shoes online.. it makes me feel uneasy. especially not knowing if they will fit properly.

cute bunny ring!! :)


Denysia said...

I love those shoes! Especially the last one! :D

Peter said...


you got spammed by some bot
i wonder if those are the chinese google attackers

you can wear them...when you aren't driving lol or when you go out but you'll need to drive barefoot or bring another pair...

DiWiMakeup said...

hey, im just dropping by to say hi and that i think "lisasaur" is such a cute combo.

those shoes looks great, but i know i cant even walk 5 blocks in those heels lol

xoxo, Diana